Survive the Summer with Charlotte Tilbury’s Royal Trio: Lipstick Review


Summer is one of the most fun times, especially as a creative working in the heart of the city! While I love to sport something calm to pair with a work outfit, it also needs to be something I can enhance with an evening look for a media event.  One of my favourite beauty companies is without question, Charlotte Tilbury.  From their foundation to lipsticks and even perfume, I have never been disappointed with pieces I have either received to review or purchased myself. Because when the celebrity designer collections were out including the Kim K.W was released as soon as I could I was at Holt Renfrew tapping my credit card so I could have the luxurious colour on my lips!

I have been to the store to pick up a designer lipstick or lipgloss before and been disappointed but never with Tilbury herself. From working with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian she is always outdoing herself with incredible shades.  There is also a shade called Bitch Perfect which is a pretty silly name but I absolutely adore it!

While the stunning Meghan Markle wore a gown that was on the simpler side, I love that the Tilbury Collection is available to rock some stellar British Royal Inspired Shades from At Your Service: Royal Lipstick Trio.  She looked absolutely perfect from head to toe on the day of the Royal Wedding but just like me she keeps her beauty routine simple and classic, which is why I love that The Duchess is also a fave of mine.


The reds are pretty bold for me, so hopefully, I can feel confident enough to sport them at some of the many weddings I have coming up throughout the summer and into the fall.  The Legendary Queen shade is a close second but while I love them all there is one that I will ( and have ) worn much more than the rest.

My absolute fave has to be The Duchess!! It could not be more perfectly named.  With the others being called The Queen, and The Legendary Queen they could not be more perfectly named.  And as the fall rolls in, the Legendary Queen I can see pairing with some holiday and fall inspired looks.  Also with TIFF  not too far away – it will be exciting to feel like a celebrity on the red carpet with these stunning rose & red swatches.  Little black dresses look perfect when paired to a shade from the Royal Trio Tilbury Collection.

Lipsticks from Left to Right, The Duchess, The Queen, The Legendary Queen.


I am wearing The Duchess right now – and with my upcoming nuptials next Spring of 2019 maybe it will be the shade I wear on the big day! I will definitely need a makeup artist for some foundation help but with lipstick like this, I will be keeping it on me for little touch-ups on the big day.

Which is your favourite? Would love to hear in the comments below 🙂

Best always ❤

Melissa xo

Getting ready for an #IndigoWeekend

This post is not sponsored – but Indigo is easily one of my favourite places in Toronto.  Even just stepping in, hearing Jack Johnson singing about Banana Pancakes and smelling the Starbs ( because if you drink Starbucks you call it Starbs) you know whether you make your purchase here or online you are in for a fun experience.

Here are a few of my new favourites from Indigo:

Eye masks to me for the longest time seemed like something that was a novelty item or not necessary – but I have found the incredible difference when I use this for rest vs when I do not.  For one thing, it is insane how much I am tempted to rest with such a cute mask.  Also I do not have any interest to stay on my phone when I can block out the light. Here is the one I chose BONUS it’s on sale.


Another of my recent favourites is my new hobo style cross-body in black.  It is the perfect size to fit a book and a water bottle, or any essentials without looking and being too bulky.  I have a tendency for fitting as much as I can in my bags – this was just a perfect size for fitting a lot but staying chic. Sadly this bag is now sold out 😦 BUT they have many other cute accessories here.


Of course, Indigo is most known for the incredible amount of books they sell.  Having recently watched Blackfish on Netflix, I picked up “Beneath the Surface” – which is an incredible book about what happened at Seaworld from the one of the trainers himself, John Hargrove.  Having recently lost my dog has made me even more passionate about animals than I already was.  I was vegetarian and vegan for a while during high school and it didn’t work for me health-wise but if I could be vegan I definitely would.  Find it so critical to be a part of the lives of the animals in our world and understand their importance.



PS. thanks if you read the entire post – I will have a giveaway coming up with Indigo in the very near future 😉

Best always,

Melissa  ♡

Interview with Esqxr

image courtesy of ESQXR

With the MMVAs last night of course we are all thinking who is the next artist to keep our eye on for the next big thing.

I had a chance to interview Deji better known as ESQXR about his music and his life.

Q: How did you come up with the name ?

A:  Lupe Fiasco was giving an interview on why he thought the best rappers always had two names. His interviewer asked him at one point ‘ Are you going to go the route everyone is going and shorten your name – and he said if anything I will extend it, maybe to like Lupe Fiasco Esquire.’ When I first heard that I looked up the definition and it’s based in medieval times similar to the position of a knight.  I gravitated towards that name. Since then everyone has been calling me esquire. 

Q: Who are some people who inspire you?

A: Charlamagne Tha God is one of my biggest inspirations right now just because of what he is doing for radio and media. I also host a podcast called “For The Culture”. It is based in Toronto, and we try to talk a lot about pop culture. Drake of course, he has done a lot of things for the city.  PartyNextDoor, I really studies his production and it swayed my musical influence and also Jay Z.

Q: What music got you into rapping ?

A: OutKast, there was a song they put out with Sleepy Brown called I Can’t Wait . Andre 3000’s verse is what inspired me to start writing. I listened to a lot of Wu-Tang Clan, and the original members. I try to keep every songs very different and very unique.

Q: Are there any places in Toronto that you go to get inspired and write?

A: When I am driving especially during the evening or at night I am usually playing some music, that is where I can random bits of inspiration. So I will pull over and park and write a few ideas down.

Q: When did you start writing and rapping ? 

A:  I started when I was in high school a decade a go just for fun.  It was mainly just my high school friends and after school, we would go to my friend Miles’ house and record random stuff. And that early stuff is important because when you first start out you don’t really know what your voice sounds like.

Q: What would you say is the phrase that you live by. 

A: Enough Talk. Execute, Execute and Execute.

image courtesy of ESQXR

Juno Awards Beauty Essentials

Getting ready for any party means looking fresh and fabulous.  From the moment you wake up to your contour and blush, all of the pieces are just as important.

juno party

As I will be attending the Casper Viewing Party for the Juno Awards, I am prepping my look. While still deciding on a dress ( which may just turn out to be an LBD ) it all starts with great hair.

Whether using a service like BeGlammed or a DIY style yourself, for the freshest hair I suggest Garnier Fructis

No matter whether pastel hues or bold shades, you will want a neutral yet defining lipstick. For the last year or so I have stood by my brilliant Tilbury shades.  Nothing says red carpet like Bond Girl, by Charlotte Tilbury.

Last finishing touch, you cannot go wrong with a hint ( or a lot ) of face and body glitter.  Having this brilliant pink shade from NYX it will be sure to hit all the right spots.

Throughout the week I will be testing out these fabulous products and posting reviews.

Best always,

Melissa ❤

*Sponsored Post

Beauty Sleep with Sleep Envie

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important.  Especially with all the running around during the last few days before the holidays.  With Christmas being in just a few days, you want to look refreshed.  Though you’ve been up all night baking for Christmas Day you still want to feel and have a good nights sleep.

Not only is sleep important for looking and feeling refreshed it also keeps you alert throughout the day.  Studies have shown that drunk driving comes similar to drivers that have had little sleep in terms of their awareness on the road.


I have had my first mattress for who knows how long, and finally I upgraded.  And not just to any mattress but one that I am sure to use for a very long time. It is a Sleep Envie Mattress.

While the mattress is firm, it is just enough to provide support with the softness to make it ridiculously comfortable.


I have been using the Sleep Envie Mattress in Twin Size for the last week.  It is a combination mattress which mean no matter how you sleep it will work for you.   I have never been more excited to get into bed than with Sleep Envie. Usually I cannot fall asleep right away.  I tend to have to listen to a podcast because of the need for white noise.  Now with just a few minutes of lying down I am sleeping.  For someone who is not a morning person ( mostly a night owl ) I find myself barely even needing an alarm clock.

Not to mention sleeping well, with Sleep Envie you will wake up on a happier and healthier note.  Lack of sleep is also known to cause weight gain and mood swings.  Just simply getting enough sleep can help you not get sick as much and just plain love your life more.

Another great thing about Sleep Envie is you get a 100 night trial – so for more than 3 months you can see just how great a mattress it is. Sleep Envie also carries accessories and pillows.

If you are looking to get a new mattress, or pillow, without a doubt I recommend Sleep Envie.

Best always,

Melissa ❤