Juno Awards Beauty Essentials

Getting ready for any party means looking fresh and fabulous.  From the moment you wake up to your contour and blush, all of the pieces are just as important.

juno party

As I will be attending the Casper Viewing Party for the Juno Awards, I am prepping my look. While still deciding on a dress ( which may just turn out to be an LBD ) it all starts with great hair.

Whether using a service like BeGlammed or a DIY style yourself, for the freshest hair I suggest Garnier Fructis

No matter whether pastel hues or bold shades, you will want a neutral yet defining lipstick. For the last year or so I have stood by my brilliant Tilbury shades.  Nothing says red carpet like Bond Girl, by Charlotte Tilbury.

Last finishing touch, you cannot go wrong with a hint ( or a lot ) of face and body glitter.  Having this brilliant pink shade from NYX it will be sure to hit all the right spots.

Throughout the week I will be testing out these fabulous products and posting reviews.

Best always,

Melissa ❤

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warmer weather calls for eating Nakd Bars

Whether going for a Saturday run or a late afternoon work snack Nakd bars are the perfect fix. No need to bother with high calorie pastries or any sort of fast food. With all natural ingredients you cannot go wrong.

and 2 new flavours NOW


Banana Crunch 


Strawberry Crunch 


These beautiful take-with-you bars will definitely have a space in my clutch at WMCFW.

One of my favourite flavours is the Cocoa Orange, – kind of like a healthy version of those holiday chocolate oranges.

The ingredients : Dates, Cashews, Raisins & Cocoa ! THAT”S IT – no weird words we can barely pronounce and everything tastes delicious. Being Gluten, Wheat & Dairy free just makes it that much more of something less to worry about when picking them up the next time you get groceries for the week

Best always,

Melissa ♥