Survive the Summer with Charlotte Tilbury’s Royal Trio: Lipstick Review


Summer is one of the most fun times, especially as a creative working in the heart of the city! While I love to sport something calm to pair with a work outfit, it also needs to be something I can enhance with an evening look for a media event.  One of my favourite beauty companies is without question, Charlotte Tilbury.  From their foundation to lipsticks and even perfume, I have never been disappointed with pieces I have either received to review or purchased myself. Because when the celebrity designer collections were out including the Kim K.W was released as soon as I could I was at Holt Renfrew tapping my credit card so I could have the luxurious colour on my lips!

I have been to the store to pick up a designer lipstick or lipgloss before and been disappointed but never with Tilbury herself. From working with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian she is always outdoing herself with incredible shades.  There is also a shade called Bitch Perfect which is a pretty silly name but I absolutely adore it!

While the stunning Meghan Markle wore a gown that was on the simpler side, I love that the Tilbury Collection is available to rock some stellar British Royal Inspired Shades from At Your Service: Royal Lipstick Trio.  She looked absolutely perfect from head to toe on the day of the Royal Wedding but just like me she keeps her beauty routine simple and classic, which is why I love that The Duchess is also a fave of mine.


The reds are pretty bold for me, so hopefully, I can feel confident enough to sport them at some of the many weddings I have coming up throughout the summer and into the fall.  The Legendary Queen shade is a close second but while I love them all there is one that I will ( and have ) worn much more than the rest.

My absolute fave has to be The Duchess!! It could not be more perfectly named.  With the others being called The Queen, and The Legendary Queen they could not be more perfectly named.  And as the fall rolls in, the Legendary Queen I can see pairing with some holiday and fall inspired looks.  Also with TIFF  not too far away – it will be exciting to feel like a celebrity on the red carpet with these stunning rose & red swatches.  Little black dresses look perfect when paired to a shade from the Royal Trio Tilbury Collection.

Lipsticks from Left to Right, The Duchess, The Queen, The Legendary Queen.


I am wearing The Duchess right now – and with my upcoming nuptials next Spring of 2019 maybe it will be the shade I wear on the big day! I will definitely need a makeup artist for some foundation help but with lipstick like this, I will be keeping it on me for little touch-ups on the big day.

Which is your favourite? Would love to hear in the comments below 🙂

Best always ❤

Melissa xo


Charlotte Tilbury: Quick and Easy Beauty Kit

Since being introduced to the Charlotte Tilbury collection since their opening at Holt Renfew not so long ago, I have been loving the collection.  There are amazing not only for the beauty of the makeup , but that it is just as good for your skin as well as it makes you look.  Having a skincare that is also a makeup is something incredible.

It also helps that many of my fashion icons love to immerse themselves within the brand.  This includes Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.

More of a skincare that helps you look incredible, ultimately these products are my go to, whether heading out shopping for last minute Christmas Gifts or just a night out.

The team was so incredible in sending me this Quick and Easy makeup kit.   Though I already use the Magic Foundation everyday no matter what I use with it, this is a perfect set for days that are ever changing.  Or even for a last minute Holiday Party.

My Quick and Easy Kit included the following : 

Legendary Lashes: no smudges just love


Beach Stick : Lip to Cheek Dewey Colour Pop : works well for both


Colour Chamleon Amber Haze for Brown Eyes: my eyes are brown this looks phenomenal

Wonder Glow Instant Soft Focus Beauty Flash : perfect addition to either above or below my Magic Foundation

and Very Victoria Lipstick

I recently picked up the Kim K.W Lipstick as it works so well with my skin.  But I didn’t expect to love the Very Victoria as much as I did.  Having stayed away from any hint of dark lipstick I was nervous.  I now, especially with the cooler weather, use my Very Victoria, just as much if not more that Kim K.W.


If you have a lady looking for an incredibly easy to use makeup kit, she will love any of the pieces in this collection of goodies.

Best always,

Melissa ❤


#MagicFoundation by #CharlotteTilbury

As a LifeStyle and Culture Blogger I have had the luxury of trying out a variety of different makeup.  To wear that of Charlotte Tilbury’s new line of Magic Foundation is truly wonderful.  She really does ensure that it is magic, it is like no other.

I was invited to their launch event in Canada and was more than pleasantly surprised with the gorgeous pallets of the evening.  Enjoying champagne and macarons as we found our perfect magic match it was a magical evening.

One of my favourite reasons I love this product is how it feels to wear. Not only, as a 4.5 ( I have a fairer skin tone ) did it give me a gentle glow, but it literally felt like I wasn’t even wearing any make-up. No girl ever wants to feel like it is weighing her down and this gorgeous product was light as a feather.  It is easy as well to apply with a a brush to blend it in for the ultimate girl-next-door or going-out glam.  What is amazing about the product is that it is not just makeup but skincare as well, being hydrating and a perfect product for any skin type.


Throughout the evening, makeup artists were either doing touch ups or full looks to enhance your already natural beauty.  I was thrilled to have a full look done and captured throughout the night. As I used it throughout Fashion Week and for upcoming events, I find that not only does it last from 9-5 but again from 5-9 there is no need for re-apply, just if you need a touch up to feel fresh but nothing more.

For anyone looking for a great new piece to keep you looking fabulous all day – you cannot go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury.

PS. She has also got a new Instant Palette to add to your foundation for that perfect glow to perfect your Spring and Summer Looks.  ( Great for the 5 minute face on the go ! ) Will definitely have more on that soon!

Best always,

Melissa ♥