Getting ready for an #IndigoWeekend

This post is not sponsored – but Indigo is easily one of my favourite places in Toronto.  Even just stepping in, hearing Jack Johnson singing about Banana Pancakes and smelling the Starbs ( because if you drink Starbucks you call it Starbs) you know whether you make your purchase here or online you are in for a fun experience.

Here are a few of my new favourites from Indigo:

Eye masks to me for the longest time seemed like something that was a novelty item or not necessary – but I have found the incredible difference when I use this for rest vs when I do not.  For one thing, it is insane how much I am tempted to rest with such a cute mask.  Also I do not have any interest to stay on my phone when I can block out the light. Here is the one I chose BONUS it’s on sale.


Another of my recent favourites is my new hobo style cross-body in black.  It is the perfect size to fit a book and a water bottle, or any essentials without looking and being too bulky.  I have a tendency for fitting as much as I can in my bags – this was just a perfect size for fitting a lot but staying chic. Sadly this bag is now sold out 😦 BUT they have many other cute accessories here.


Of course, Indigo is most known for the incredible amount of books they sell.  Having recently watched Blackfish on Netflix, I picked up “Beneath the Surface” – which is an incredible book about what happened at Seaworld from the one of the trainers himself, John Hargrove.  Having recently lost my dog has made me even more passionate about animals than I already was.  I was vegetarian and vegan for a while during high school and it didn’t work for me health-wise but if I could be vegan I definitely would.  Find it so critical to be a part of the lives of the animals in our world and understand their importance.



PS. thanks if you read the entire post – I will have a giveaway coming up with Indigo in the very near future 😉

Best always,

Melissa  ♡


Chanel x Nordstrom – Let’s Get Gorgeous

There is going to be a bunch of fabulous stores opening at Yorkdale in just a few days.

With Nordstrom Canada opening on October 21st – they will be having a Beauty Bash that morning – pre opening from 8am to 10am.

I am beyond thrilled to be invited by Chanel to check out some of the finest collections at the Beauty + Fragrance + Friends event tomorrow –  event will also be running through Saturday as well.


With Chanel’s New Fragrance it is no wonder I am excited to share with you all about their fantastic makeup and fragrance experience.


Hope to see you there !

Best always,

Melissa ♥

Batman VR at Fan Expo Canada – Be The Batman


I am so impressed with this game.  VR – Virtual Reality is something that I have loved since I initially tried it.  But seeing yourself in the mirror as Batman, moving your hand which is actually Batman’s is one of the most thrilling things I have every experiences in my entire life.

Warner Bros. was lovely in letting me try out the Batman Arkham VR game at Fan Expo.  I had 20 minutes to try out the demo.  It is truly an experience that will leave you with goosebumps – feeling emotionally connected to what is happening around you.

It starts with you talking to Alfred.  You are in front of a piano, trying to play it.  The following location is being on a platform being descended into the Batcave.  Although I knew in my right mind I was in Toronto at Fan Expo standing on solid ground I could not help but shake in fear as I descended to his lair.  Seeing the bats surround me and the scenery is so immersive you can’t help but believe it is really happening.

It is in the cave that you put on the Batsuit.  You also set up your weapons and scanner for the crime scenes you get to solve.  Not to brag but I was better than I thought I would be.  Though this could also be because it was demo mode.

I will say I was nervous yet excited of what it would be like to see the Joker in VR as the Batman.  Did not see him in the demo, but curious of course.

Batman VR will be launching on October 11th 2016 for Playstation VR.   My birthday is October 10th in case you were wondering 😉

Best always,

Melissa ♥

#NYXClassof2016 Launch !

I am so so so excited about the NYX Canada launch today! Last night I attended the #NYXClassOf2016 Prom Inspired event.  It was a beautiful and fun evening.  It was so great to check out the stunning collection.

Finally arrived at the Berkeley Church – so so excited !! 
I’ll take one of everything ! 

Perfect accessory for your little black dress… shimmer eye shadow !

Signing the Grand Opening celebration board!

Cheers to an amazing night !

As a gift, guests were given the CUTEST vegan leather backpack – with their Beauty School Dropout palette, and an adorable colouring book and pencil crayons.  Yes I love to colour my eyes as much as colouring in general so I was thrilled to receive this.

It is launching today at the Toronto Eaton Centre location !!  This is NYX’s 3rd Canadian store!  They are also giving away up to 1K prizes everyday ( May 13, 14 & 15 ) I am sure the launch at the Toronto Eaton Centre today will be  packed full of beauty enthusiasts looking to perfect their summer looks.

Best always,

Melissa ♥

#BodyInvestTO : The First Electric Pulse Training Studio in Toronto

Easily one of the most interesting and different workouts I have tried is the EMS training with Body Invest.  It is a beautiful new gym studio located in the heart of downtown Toronto.


EMS training – being hooked up to Electrical Machine – something surreal and yet one of the best workouts I have ever done.  With my first session being just an introductory so I didn’t get all sweaty afterward.  But it was quite enjoyable.  I could feel the effects of the workout afterwards.  And I loved it.

EMS exercise sessions involves wearing a full-body training suit outfitted with 18 electric pulse sensors working to simultaneously stimulate contractions in all of your major muscle groups.  This is how it is defined by Body Invest.  This incredible way to get in shape has actually been around since the ’50s.  And this gym is one of the first of it’s kind in Canada.

It is amazing to be able to know that I burned so many calories in such a short amount of time.

This is easily something you can do during a lunch break between work or have them come to you ! How incredible – and of course allows for no excuses not to keep a workout as a part of your daily lifestyle.  A simple 20 minute workout was equivalent to a regular 90 minute workout! Incredibly not only making you toned but also less tired.  What a perfect combination.

The only tricky part is that if you start to laugh( as I nervously did trying it out for the first time ) the machine continues to move in when you breathe out a lot so breathing in will be tougher.

What I loved about it was that when doing something like a push up or sit up it allowed for you to have to keep your posture – with the electric movement to your chest, legs, arms and stomach. Truly a full body workout.

I will definitely be back to try more of it!

Best always,

Melissa  ♥

#MagicFoundation by #CharlotteTilbury

As a LifeStyle and Culture Blogger I have had the luxury of trying out a variety of different makeup.  To wear that of Charlotte Tilbury’s new line of Magic Foundation is truly wonderful.  She really does ensure that it is magic, it is like no other.

I was invited to their launch event in Canada and was more than pleasantly surprised with the gorgeous pallets of the evening.  Enjoying champagne and macarons as we found our perfect magic match it was a magical evening.

One of my favourite reasons I love this product is how it feels to wear. Not only, as a 4.5 ( I have a fairer skin tone ) did it give me a gentle glow, but it literally felt like I wasn’t even wearing any make-up. No girl ever wants to feel like it is weighing her down and this gorgeous product was light as a feather.  It is easy as well to apply with a a brush to blend it in for the ultimate girl-next-door or going-out glam.  What is amazing about the product is that it is not just makeup but skincare as well, being hydrating and a perfect product for any skin type.


Throughout the evening, makeup artists were either doing touch ups or full looks to enhance your already natural beauty.  I was thrilled to have a full look done and captured throughout the night. As I used it throughout Fashion Week and for upcoming events, I find that not only does it last from 9-5 but again from 5-9 there is no need for re-apply, just if you need a touch up to feel fresh but nothing more.

For anyone looking for a great new piece to keep you looking fabulous all day – you cannot go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury.

PS. She has also got a new Instant Palette to add to your foundation for that perfect glow to perfect your Spring and Summer Looks.  ( Great for the 5 minute face on the go ! ) Will definitely have more on that soon!

Best always,

Melissa ♥