#BodyInvestTO : The First Electric Pulse Training Studio in Toronto

Easily one of the most interesting and different workouts I have tried is the EMS training with Body Invest.  It is a beautiful new gym studio located in the heart of downtown Toronto.


EMS training – being hooked up to Electrical Machine – something surreal and yet one of the best workouts I have ever done.  With my first session being just an introductory so I didn’t get all sweaty afterward.  But it was quite enjoyable.  I could feel the effects of the workout afterwards.  And I loved it.

EMS exercise sessions involves wearing a full-body training suit outfitted with 18 electric pulse sensors working to simultaneously stimulate contractions in all of your major muscle groups.  This is how it is defined by Body Invest.  This incredible way to get in shape has actually been around since the ’50s.  And this gym is one of the first of it’s kind in Canada.

It is amazing to be able to know that I burned so many calories in such a short amount of time.

This is easily something you can do during a lunch break between work or have them come to you ! How incredible – and of course allows for no excuses not to keep a workout as a part of your daily lifestyle.  A simple 20 minute workout was equivalent to a regular 90 minute workout! Incredibly not only making you toned but also less tired.  What a perfect combination.

The only tricky part is that if you start to laugh( as I nervously did trying it out for the first time ) the machine continues to move in when you breathe out a lot so breathing in will be tougher.

What I loved about it was that when doing something like a push up or sit up it allowed for you to have to keep your posture – with the electric movement to your chest, legs, arms and stomach. Truly a full body workout.

I will definitely be back to try more of it!

Best always,

Melissa  ♥