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As a University of Guelph-Humber Alumni I was interested to see what the graduating class had done with the Emerge Magazine.  When I was there,we wrote articles and submitted a glossy publication for review.  The years behind us had taken this to a whole new level, and now, having stepped back again into the place I once called my home away from home, I have never been so proud.

some info to learn more about the learned day
some info to learn more about the learned day

Attendees had the chance to hear from a handful of inspiring speakers, but I decided to chose Kate Todd as the first.  You may know her best from Radio Free Roscoe , more commonly as Lily, but she ( during her performance at lunch ) proved to be an aspiring country singer well on her way to success in both singing and songwriting.

Kate Todd, fabulous lady
Kate Todd, fabulous lady

The second person I heard from was CBC Hockey Night in Canada’s Glen Healy.  He had some interesting anecdotes about working your way to the top. One of my favourite concepts, that you can start off as a runner, and later be running the show.

Our emcee of the day was GH student  George Pereira.  I am sure he will be a known radio personality in the near future with his quick wit and humour.

humble and thought provoking Adrian Grenier, tells us to 'balance your media diet'
humble and thought provoking Adrian Grenier, tells us to ‘balance your media diet’

The day ended ever so sweetly with a talk by the infamous Adrian Grenier. He has a way of making you rethink what you thought you already knew. Shining a light on not just taking media as it is, but challenging it and to always be curious about the information that you are being fed.

With all of the celebrities hating the word, their humbleness shone through and was refreshing to see.

I was glad to take home the prize of 2 VIP tickets to the upcoming SociaLight Conference ( so so excited ).  Was hoping for Adrian to stick around for the Networking Reception , but ah well.  Maybe he’ll remember me when I check out TIFF in September 😉

Best, Always

Melissa  ♥

the magic happens outside your comfort zone

ima Imaaa DIVA <3
ima Imaaa DIVA ❤

Diva : what does that event mean ? It means loving who you are , staying fit and fabulous. Knowing what works for you and keeping great friends in your circles. Staying motivated and focused. This past Saturday I was invited to attend the DivaGirl conference by the fabulous Laura Furtado. The event consists of working out with a bunch of fabulous women and learning about being empowered and healthy living. Definitely could not turn down this opportunity !

Laura Furtado being fabulous as always

After Laura Furtado , the brainchild of DivaGirl got everyone pumped for the day, the sessions began.I decided that before I get started, to try out Bio Seaweed Gel nails. This nail polish includes a top and base coat AND stays for 2 weeks no-chipping ! How amazing is that ?  Always wanted to, but never had the opportunity.  Felt so bad for the ladies, ‘ though cause I am pretty sure it took me just as long as it did for the manicure, that I took deciding on a colour. So many shades .  .  . Just try deciding right now ..

shades for days

Eventually I decided, being spring and all, I wanted to go with a brighter hue, and picked Ocean Tide. Alright , so maybe I’ve got a craving for summer. Guilty.

hello summer colours

Then, it was time to get into some of the fitness classes. Though, more dancing than anything else ( for me ) .Tried out some Broadway Jazz and Nuvo Burlesque. So much fun. Christina and Cher must have loved every minute.

burlesque dancing

Nice light lunch, stuck with classic roast beef. Also Red Bull and Popchips made an appearance. Tried Red Bull for the first time that day. Kinda love it.

light lunch before fit – ness
pop it. crunch it.
pop it. crunch it.

Of course , I couldn’t leave without picking up a Peaches and Dream lipbutter balm from Mikayla at Kona Kare. With such a spring-sentational scent it’s hard to resist.

Peaches and Dream
i dream of Peach
pretty Mikayla and her lipbutter balm bliss

One of my favourite talks was about getting out of your comfort zone and reprogramming your subconcious to help you create a better life. Lena Dunham of course popped into my brain at this point

( GIRLS fans you know what I’m talking about )

And on my way out definitely made sure to grab some cupcakes thanks to sweet Dayna of Bite Me Bakery.

bite ’em cupcakes

Such a great group of people to have spent the day with. So much wisdom and nutritional information. I am so excited for what next year has to come.

Best, Always

Melissa  ♥

Melissa ♥ at WSWshoplocal

Thanks to the lovely DivaPreneur ladies, I was invited to the WSWShoplocal event. I was so glad to have a day with empowered women, and to be spending it with my good friend Queenie. We were glad to chat with the fab ladies starting a business of their own and grab a cup coffee to sip on as we chatted . It’s always great surrounding yourself with motivated fabulous people and this event did just that.  One of the lovely women I had the gracious opportunity to meet was Vanessa Cesario. Her fashion blog is simply beautiful and I highly recommend you check it out !


Sweets of the day included scones, and macaroons of the pastels. Such a delight. It was such a sunny day, hopefully we’ll get more of those soon. Here’s to spring coats and high hopes.macarons

We of course, left for lunch at Sushi Inn . I satisfied my palate with some Spicy Tuna Rolls and an Avocado salad. I am a die-hard avocado-holic. That green veggie is quite delectable.



Finally meeting Minling Pan and her treats was a great pleasure. Having her greet me with VIP card to her boutique was ah-mazing !!! So so looking forward to trying out a statement necklace or two.


Definitely looking forward to the next one !

Best, Always

Melissa  ♥

write it out loud

Everyone starts the new year with a resolution. Not many keep it despite trying just as hard the next year. Mine isn’t to go to the gym ( because I do P90 , not to be confused with P90x. That stuff is brutal )

Something I’ve been yearning to start, is a lifestyle blog. I haven’t blogged since university and am glad to be back at it again. Since graduating I’ve had the opportunity to work within various companies , as either marketing , PR or journalism This ranges from TIFF and eTALK , to home and travel shows.

Though I tweet at the events , I will now be writing about my experience at each and every one. I can’t wait to share all of my treasures and more with you.

Best, always

Melissa ♥